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Diagnosis of preinvasive disease

September 8, 2015 by lcadm

Sometimes, it may be necessary to test for specific cancers in women who have symptoms suggesting that they might have the disease. This is particularly true for cervical and vulval cancers, and to a lesser extent for vaginal cancer. In such cases, the aim is to identify and treat the cancer before it can spread to surrounding tissues.

London Gynae Cancer Care offers a number of tests for the diagnosis of preinvasive and invasive cancers. As appropriate, these may include cervical smears, tumour marker blood tests, and ultrasound scans. If a cancer is detected, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (computed tomography) or PET (positron emission spectroscopy) scans can be arranged as necessary.

London Gynae Cancer Care

About one in every two people will be diagnosed with cancer at some time in their lives. The very thought of cancer can be overwhelming or even frightening, while the disease and its treatment can place great strain on both patients and their families and friends. Recognising this, London Gynae Cancer Care offers compassionate care, information and support to our patients and their families at all stages of their cancer journey.

But treating cancer isn’t the whole picture. At London Gynae Cancer Care, we also offer a range of services aimed at screening for cancer in women at risk, or diagnosing early cancer that has not yet spread (preinvasive cancer).

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Located in the heart of London, London Gynae Cancer Care specialises in the management of gynaecological cancers such as ovarian, cervical or uterine cancer.

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